Diversity, Inclusion & Respect

Our aim is to be enormously proud of Goodman Masson’s approach to diversity, inclusion and respect.

Diversity and Inclusion has always been important at Goodman Masson. With the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, as an organisation and as individuals, we’ve realised we need to do more. We need to be vocal, take action and stand up for what we believe in: power in diversity.


We recognise that we are on a journey and our approach is to be honest about where we are and what our starting point is.

Given we are tackling systematic challenges, we realise the importance and necessity of working in partnership, listening to experts in the field and being open to new ideas.

We have introduced measures to accelerate change within our own business as well as ensuring our service encourages and supports growth in diversity for our clients and community.

Black Lives Matter

Become A Hero Make a Difference

Born This Way

Our Diversity and Inclusion team is called BAHMAD (Become A Hero, Make A difference), which was founded in January 2020.

We have three internal networks that help to make up the BAHMAD team; UNITY@GM, PRIDE@GM, BALANCE@GM. These networks are in place for employees, to share ideas, initiatives, learning and help to educate and influence change.

PRIDE@GM is a network that is all about nurturing and accepting an environment for our LGBTQIA+ employees to succeed. We want to lead initiatives and provide support to ensure that everyone feels empowered to bring their full selves to work.


UNITY@GM is a network that is committed to supporting a race-inclusive culture and celebrating how our multicultural backgrounds make life and work more interesting. It aims to provide a safe space for employees to educate themselves on social issues around race, class and religion, and create a workplace where we can all celebrate our heritage together.

BALANCE@GM is a network that is committed to supporting gender equality, through encouraging our women to be positive ambassadors for the company. The main focus is on positive career support, increasing tenure for female employees, and creating more balanced gender representation across all levels of Goodman Masson.

We recognise that a huge collaborative, collective effort is needed to move forward, and we welcome the opportunity for people to get in touch with us.

Email networks@goodmanmasson.com to get in touch and to also request our full approach to diversity document if you would like to find out more.

neon heart

The importance, influence and positivity of having a diverse and inclusive workforce isn’t debated.

We pride ourselves on being a modern workplace, and this is simply not possible without ensuring we have a diverse group of people who are truly able to bring their true selves to work.

Our Awards

UK's Best Workplaces for Wellbeing 2022
Employer of the Year 2022 (0-50 employees)
Top 30 Top Recruiting Agencies 2022
Recruitment Agency of the Year 2021
Diversity & Inclusion Award 2021
Covid-19 Champions 2020
Ranked No. 7 UKs Best Workplace for Women 2020
Best Recruitment Company to Work For 2020
Best Workplace Environment 2019
Best Employee Engagement Strategy 2019
UKs Best Workplace (Medium Category) 2019
Delivering Excellence in Wellbeing 2019
UKs Best Workplace for Women (Medium Category) 2019
The Best Recruitment Company to Work For 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014
UKs Best Workplace (Medium Category) 2018
Ranked No. 13 in Top 20 Highest Rated Companies for Work & Life Balance 2018
Ranked No. 6 in Top 20 Companies for Management 2018
Ranked No. 9 for Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agency 2018
Best Workplace Environment 2017
Most Effective Pay & Benefits Strategy 2017
Most Innovative Benefit 2017
UKs Best Workplace (Medium Category) 2017
Best Alignment of Benefits to Business Strategy 2017
Best Employee Benefits Programme 2017
Recruitment Agency of the Year 2016
Best Recruitment Company to Work For 2016
Best Workplace Environment 2016
Most Engaging Benefits Proposition 2016
Ranked No. 1 for Work and Life Balance in the UK 2016
UKs Best Workplace (Medium Category) 2016
Ranked No.6 for Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agency 2016
Most Effective Pay & Benefits Strategy 2015
Most Innovative Benefit 2015
Most Effective Team Motivation Event 2015
Excellence in Leadership 2014
Best Reward Strategy Linked to Business Strategy 2013
Best Large Recruitment Agency to Work for 2013
Best Professional Services Recruitment Agency 2012
Best Professional Services Recruitment Agency 2011
The Growth Company of the Year 2010

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