By Katie Howells

Our New York Team have put together some key reasons why it ’tis the season to interview now, rather than waiting until the new year.

  1. If you interview now, there will be less competition as a lot of people have put their job search on hold until January.
  2. November and early December are great times to interview, how many times have you had a friend say that they want to start interviewing in January? 90% of people who are hiring in January are hiring right now, you have less competition if you start now.
  3. If your work is stagnant, why would you wait? It’s the best time to interview because you can negotiate with the client to start when you’re ready.
  4. Even if your work is busy, you could still interview, the first interview only takes up an hour of your time including prep with your recruitment consultant.
  5. The recruitment process usually takes a month, if you have a job offer by Christmas you can take 2 weeks off around then, and enjoy the holiday season stress-free, knowing you don’t have to go back to your current role and have an amazing fresh start in the new year.
  6. If you are set on not changing your role until January, get some interviewing practice in now, before you start interviewing for your dream job in the new year.

If we still haven’t convinced you to interview now, you can contact one of our specialist consultants for an informal chat, so when you are ready in the new year, we can hit the ground running.

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